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A comprehensive understanding of the history of security and intelligence services in Montenegro may be achieved by a brief insight into the development of varied institutionalized forms of these services as they appeared throughout different historical periods.

The establishment of functions of security and intelligence services can be traced back to the very beginnings of constitution of the government  authority in Montenegro and promulgation of varied statutory regulations the aim of which was to create sound foundations for further development and strengthening of the state: Stega (Discipline) 1796, the most ancient Montenegrin law manuscript; the General Code of Hill Regions and Montenegro 1798, formation of the Montenegrin Prince’s Guard 1831; Prince Danilo’s Code 1855, Senate Reforms 1874; establishment of the Ministry of Interior 1879; the Police Rulebook of the Principality of Montenegro 1907 …

The more recent history of these services in Montenegro is marked by the establishment of the Department for Peoples Security and Protection on 13 May 1944, by order of the Supreme Commander of the NLA, as a unified security service in the territory of the former Yugoslavia.
In March 1946, the Department of Peoples Security and Protection, formerly a constituent part of the Ministry of National Defense, was integrated within the Ministry of Interior to be named as the Department of State Security.

After a period of thorough and notable normative and organizational changes that took part in 1966/67, the State Security Service preserved its former function and competencies within the Ministry of Interior.

Many diversified stages in the development of the State Security Service are a characteristic of the period in the beginning of the nineties and prior to the dissolution of the former SFR of Yugoslavia. The Service was adapted to the overall social and political changes that took part after formation of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia in 1992, continuing to perform its duties within the Ministry of Interior of Montenegro.

It is pursuant to the Law on the National Security (Official Gazette of Montenegro, No. 28/05 of 5 May 2005), that the National Security Agency of Montenegro has been established as a separate state authority which, in the capacity of a legal successor, has inherited all assets of the former State Security Service of the Ministry of Interior of Montenegro, taking over its personnel, as well as archives and official documentation.