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The National Security Agency has created its emblem which is used in the function of its visual identity.

The emblem of the National Security Agency is designed in the form of a stylized golden eagle depicted with his right wing protectively and widely spread, and the abbreviated title of the Agency (ANB) that makes an inseparable whole with the stylized eagle. The emblem embraces also a circle or horizontal inscription of the text: Montenegro – National Security Agency.

The symbol of eagle is deeply rooted in the ancient Montenegrin tradition. As a recognizable token of this land, it adorned flags, coats of arms and other symbols throughout its history. It has been taken today to be a part of the coat of arms and flag of Montenegro.

The emblem of the National Security Agency is rendered in the colors of the Montenegrin flag – red and yellow gold, where the abbreviation ANB and full title of the Agency are depicted in grey, symbolizing thus the color of the Montenegrin Karst, a characteristic imminent to the stone landscape of this country.

The black and white variant of the Agency’s emblem is used in compliance with the Book of Standards of Visual Identity of the Agency.

The author of the conceptual design of the emblem of the National Security Agency and Book of Standards is Mr. Budislav Basovic, designer from Podgorica.