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The Agency collects, keeps records, analyzes, assesses, uses, shares, stores and protects the data:
1. on activities directed against the independence, sovereignty, territorial integrity, security and the legal order of Montenegro established by the Constitution;
2. of relevance for the defensive interests of Montenegro and fulfillment of its strategic and security goals and interests (intelligence and counter-intelligence activities in the field of defence);
3. on activities aimed at conducting acts of terrorism;
4. on activities aimed at conducting acts of organized crime;
5. on the most serious crimes against humanity and other properties protected by the international law;
6. on activities of bearers of intelligence activities of other countries relevant for the national security;
7. on potential threats against the economic interests of Montenegro;
8. on threats against the international security;
9. on other potential threats against the national security;
The Agency ensures the counterintelligence protection of the Parliament of Montenegro, the Government of Montenegro, the President of Montenegro, other state authorities, ministries and administration authorities, which includes the activities relevant for security of specific individuals and positions in the bodies, as well as the facilities, equipment and the premises they use.
The Agency conducts security checks, as well as other activities of interest for the national security, pursuant to the Law.
The Agency forwards the data from Item 1 of the Article to the President of Montenegro, the Prime Minister of Montenegro and the Parliament Speaker of Montenegro.
The Agency forwards the data from Item 1, Point 2 of the Article to the Council for Security and Defence, as well as to the Minister of Defence and the Chief of General Staff of the  Army of Montenegro, pursuant to the Law.
The Agency forwards other bodies in Montenegro the data referred to their competences, when required so by the reasons of national security.